Escape Velocity present


filmed by Calvin Sit
starring & directed by Kenneth Chan Laity
special performance by Janice Li
words translate by Dorothy So
lyrics translate by Emmy So


雲 在趕月 路低聲說 就翻風雪
寒 十一月 遊人望鄉心切
此際的 空氣冷冽 像當天感嘆般淒絕

人 在惜別 十分想說 願一起賞雪
我 笨且拙 從來大意善忘
擁抱間 該有說吧 像飛霜初降般轟烈

但 是否真的有這場雪
但 是否真的有清心直說
如沒說 一生都虧欠

有雪吧 讓記憶景像更深遠
有說吧 為掛牽寫上壯麗完結篇
細說下 未了的心願 埋在那天
心底空缺 被那點雪白蓋掩

有雪吧 讓記憶景像更加深遠
有說吧 為掛牽寫上壯麗完結篇
聽細說下 未了的心願 埋在那天
心底空缺 被那點雪白蓋掩

前 路不斷 在雪下前 淚要落完

Cloud pursuing the moon
And the road croons:
the snow will start to blow

Cold November, l’etranger is longing for home
Wind cuts,
hurts like the sadness from yesterday

Reluctant to part with you
I just wanna say
wish we could watch the snow together
Me, dumb and absent minded
I must have asked you
when we hug, haven’t I?

But is the snow real?
did I tell you what I meant to?
If not, it will haunt me for life

The image of snow is so vivid in my memory
My words had finished the epic of me missing you
all the unfinished dreams are buried
the big hole in my heart was filled with that whiteness

Winding road ahead, shed your tears before the snow start to fall

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